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Newer Wetter Than Wet GFS Coming To A Theatre Near You on July 19th.


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This is the plan:

GFS - 30-day IT stability test scheduled to begin in May; Implementation scheduled for
mid-June. SCN will be released in early May.
I think this is the last pre-Sandy money GFS tweak, anyway ever so slight improvement past 30 days vs current version.
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If this new GFS can eliminate some of the absurdly cold OP solutions that the current OP GFS has done this April (and last April too), I'm all for it.  The current OP GFS had a run (and multiple runs with sub freezing mins in PHL proper) with a predicted 519 thickness for this weekend (4/15 & 4/16).  Current (4/14) GFS MOS predicted high for Sunday 4/16 in PHL is 83.



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Its not about the idea (after all tropical systems in the Gulf in June are not absurd), its about where does one go with the idea.  BTW there are more out there now in la la land.



See you later, don't linger on my account.  Never liked this upgrade created as many bumps in the rugs in our area as it solved.

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On 6/10/2017 at 8:57 AM, Rainshadow said:

Dont know the 2m bias, but with the current GFS this would be four consecutive days in the 100s:





Well, this thankfully didnt work, maybe two around 90 days at best.

Speaking of not working, NHC will not be happy if (non la la land) solutions like this are more the norm than the exception:



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