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Rocky III, The Knockout Blow?

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What a night.... thanks as always to Tom, Irish, Tony, Mitch etc for your invaluable insights!!!!

I don't have anything of meteorological value to add to this forum, but before things get even crazier I wanted to thank all of you for posting the maps, summarizing what they mean and what the implic

Well I was backtracking, it looks like all of the energy players are within raob range come the 12z run on Saturday. So right now the Victoria's Secret catalog is coming in the mail. On Satu

2 minutes ago, Rainshadow said:

No problem.  I was on conus profile and this is how razor edge the ptype is at 12z tomorrow morning somewhere near PHL.

lol at those soundings. From driving rain to isothermal almost on hrrr and rap to snow on gfs

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Just now, Rainshadow said:

I am going to open up the curtains tomorrow morning and be surprised no matter which way this goes.

I have a feeling in VAY when you open them up you may see this

Image result for sleet gif

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Since we are between model suites I'm finally convinced immediate 95 area is gonna get the shaft? Why do you ask? Because my township actually pre salted the roads. I can't remember them ever doing this. So there's your nail in the coffin for 95.

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15 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

hrrr as of right now. Will definitely change since past hr 6 or so it can be very hit or miss. But it gives you the idea of the gradient

If blank, model image not available

Thanks for this informative animation. Looks like a .33/.33/.33 mix of snow/sleet/rain southeast of I-95. At this point, I'm just rooting for a snow day for my kids. I don't think that south of the C&D Canal will receive a very significant amount of frozen ppt.

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