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Historic Number Of Feb 70 Degree Highs In PHL. (Contains Temperature Posts From 2/23-2/25/17).


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Record high temp here in Western Chester County today 70.8 so far - breaking the old mark of 69 set back in 1922 and 1977.

A little different at the jersey shore where the sea breeze kicked in earlier temp topped out at 60.3 at 10:24am before the breezed cut it down - currently at 54.3 there with a SE chillin sea breeze!



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3 hours ago, colonel_kurtz said:

Mount Pocono - 63, old record 60

Avoca - 70, old record 69, only 4th time on record for a 70 day in FEB, POR back to 1901

Georgetown, DE - 75, old record 67

ABE - 71, ties record

ACY - 72, ties record

RDG - 73, old record 72

ILG - 73, old record 72

IAD - 77, old record 73


locally - 71 / 38 spread today

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2 hours ago, tombo82685 said:

Low 50s/ upper 40s might be a little to cold

Made it to 72, and had a nice dinner at Top Cut in Center Valley. Beautiful night to walk around with no jacket. I think we are going to give the open windows a try tonight. Might wake up a bit cold, but I'm good with that.

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1 hour ago, colonel_kurtz said:

what I see through 3:00pm:

Avoca - 75, new daily & monthly record

Mt. Pocono - 67 new daily record

Georgetown, DE - 75, new daily record

Albany, NY - 73, 1st time ever to record 70 degrees in FEB

Worcester, MA - 68, new daily & monthly record

Boston - 72, new daily & monthly record

PHL - 74, ties daily record

ABE - 76, ties daily & monthly record

Buffalo - 71, new daily & ties monthly record

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Missed a record high today in Western Chester County "only" made it to 73.1 old record still stands from 1985. Quite the different evening at the shore in Sea Isle City NJ....while it did make it to 64 down there late this morning before the sea breeze kicked in....it has fallen all PM and now a dense fog has rolled in with temps down into the upper 40's see current pic below....


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