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Passing of Jim Bunker, Family Open House This Saturday, Jan 7th From 12-4


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I just received the following e-mail from Valerie Meola, Mt. Holly NWS:

"It is with deep regret that we inform you about the sudden passing of Jim Bunker on December 29, 2016. Jim became the Observing Program Leader (OPL) here at the NWS Mount Holly office in March 2013 and worked tirelessly since then in revamping the observational network that is so critical to the National Weather Service. Jim enjoyed every aspect of the Cooperative Observation Program and especially working with all of you, the actual observers who make the program work!

Moving forward, please continue to contact NWS Mount Holly as you would in the past with any questions or equipment request you may have and we'll do our best to provide the answers you need. As always, thank you for the service you provide to the NWS and the entire nation."

I apologize if this was not the proper way to do this but felt this should be passed along. I enjoyed having Jim as a "boss". He definitely did care.  Condolences to his immediately family and his NWS "family".

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Aww, gee I am very saddened to hear of Jim Bunker's passing. ??I am not an observer, but as one of Mt. Holly's sky warn spotters, I had occasion to talk to him a few times. He was very nice and very helpful to me. In my second year as a spotter, I was having a bit of a hard time finding other places on my property to take multiple measurements (in addition to my snow boards). I described my property and he suggested some good areas. So, thank-you Jim for helping me out. As they say in the aviation community when someone passes, and I have said on numerous occasions, may you fly in favorable tail winds. It seems fitting here.

My heartfelt condolences to Jim's family and to his current and former colleagues at WFO Mt. Holly

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Terrible, sad, shocking.  Jim was a good man, his heart was always in the right place.

Any day I worked a shift with him, he used to always great me with a "HI Tony!!!!!"

He was really honestly into the Co-op program.  he also spent the last couple of winters trying to get more snowfall

measurements out of the city of Philadelphia as well as in the Poconos.

I feel for his wife, too young, tragic.


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This is terrible news.  My condolences and prayers go out to Jim's family and his extended family at Mt. Holly.  I have been performing the duties of snow measuring for ABE for the past decade and Jim took such an active part in improving the program.  He ALWAYS was there to answer any questions and any emails I sent him.  In fact, he usually took the time to call me instead of replying on email.  That personal touch will be lost.  He seems so excited in the advances in the program and truly seemed to be a caring person.  On a couple of occasions, when I posted something on facebook about health concerns about my daughter, he CALLED me just to see how she was doing.  Although I only met Jim a few times at the office and for a site visit here in Allentown, I feel I knew him better than I should have.  And that was because of Jim's caring and warm personality.  You will be missed Jim!

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