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recommend wx sites with good mapping


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Hello everyone,

Up until recently, I had been using an experimental ESRI "weather information display"  (http://preview.weather.gov/edd/) that I first learned about a couple of years ago from one of the icons at the bottom of Mt. Holly's home page. I haven't been the display since late last week. When I went there this morning, I found that the link was broken. I have informed the webmaster at WFO Mt. Holly. I am hoping that this is just a glitch, that the page is down for technical reasons. However, as it was an experimental page, it is always possible that the plug was pulled. if so, I suspect that will be evident at some point. I also know that at least one other NWS site (fire weather) has been using the same interface for 3 or 4 months now (they were no longer able to use the google maps interface so switched to the ESRI WID).

Once I got used to it, I really enjoyed using the experimental ESRI weather information display. There are oodles and oodles of layers from various NWS sources. If the plug was pulled, I will miss it.

I am writing to get recommendations from you fine people for another weather site that has good maps with radar and other layers. I know of a few that I have bookmarked, but I'd love recommendations from you. I know about weatherunderground (tied into weather.com), intellicast, unisys, and accuweather. I'm looking for something with at least: radar, satellite images, temps, precip, winds, NWS hazard warnings, and the ability to click on a point and get current conditions. Are there other sites you can recommend that I can check out.

I do know about the NWS aviation weather page with aviation wx data, and I also know about the NWS SPC, climate data, and there is a mapping feature (mostly hydrology and the layers are only for the west) from the http://www.cnrfc.noaa.gov/

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hello again,

I just checked, the NWS experimental ESRI "weather information display" (http://preview.weather.gov/edd/) seems to be back online at 2PM on the 27th. Hopefully it will stay up, in the two years that I have been using it this is the first time that I was not able to access. Although it can be somewhat quirky and slightly annoying at times, I am used to it's quirks and find this site very useful. For those who are interested, I wrote to the webmaster at WFO Mt Holly letting him know that I was able to (at least momentarily) access the site. The site, as you may know, is listed in red as "experimental" and I suppose that might mean that at some point it could go away, I hope not. There is a box for feedback on the site, that I will fill out both to tell them that I love the site and to provide some feedback about its annoying quirks.

I would still like to know if any of you fine people have recommendations for wx mapping sites that I can save in my wx bookmarks folders.

P.S. (Dec. 31st). I spent some time, albeit belatedly, reading the docs that go with the NWS experimental ESRI "weather information display". After reading the docs, I am thinking that "experimental" means that this mapping site is still a work in progress with additional layers being developed. And because it is still being developed, there are new features and changes being added.

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