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Interesting article: swapping of arctic cold and mid-latitudes warmth


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Interesting indeed.... my  reasoning is of a much simpler basis. The geomagnetic field which situates magnetic north, until a 1/4 century ago, was migrating in a relatively local area. As u can in this link https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/GeomagneticPoles.shtml since the late 90's it has taken a path to a region not observed by modern science. The magnetic field moving correlates with the flow of molten rock beneath the surface. Subsequently, if the Arctic ocean is situated above an area with a new magnetic flow/pulse/pattern it would, arguably, change the temperature beneath the surface of any sea floor or land mass, in turn changing sea ice/glacial locations, and then weather. I also think the mining of oil has lessened the earth ability to cool or regulate temperature in turn causing a multitude of not yet realized consequences. 


My 2 cents on "climate change" 

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