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What kind of difference will a year make??


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Happy Holidays to all!

As you all know last holiday season was not just warm....it was unprecedented. Some interesting facts/numbers of that season of warmth.

  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas there were only 5 days (out of 30) that recorded a nighttime low below freezing (average low during period 23 to 32)
  • December's average temperature of 48.0 was an incredible 14.0 degrees above the average December Chester County temps (123 years of local climate data)
  • In 123 years only 2 December months even average above 40 for the month (1982 at 41.9 and 2006 at 41.0)
  • All time Chester County Record highs (1894 to Present) were recorded on 5 days in December with the highest being the 69.7 reading on the 13th
  • 10 high elevation records for the county (1983 to Present - over 650 feet ASL) were recorded in December - This included each day between December 23rd to December 27th
  • Christmas eve saw temps during the day top out in the upper 50's and then rise into the 60's by 530pm....temps continued to rise all Christmas eve - topping out at 65.3 just before midnight (with my windows open!)

So what will this season bring? Well I am going to print next week with my weather article for East Nantmeal Township. So, while my holiday and winter season forecast will be much colder than 2015-16 (how is that for going out on a ledge?) December of course being much colder I am overall going for a near normal December through April winter season outlook above 650 ft

  • December -1.0 (avg. 34.5) Snow 6.0" (avg. 5.0")
  • January +1.0 (29.7) Snow 10.0" (11.7")
  • February -1.5 (31.8) Snow 18.0" (12.6")
  • March  -2.0 (40.5) Snow 6.0" (5.4")
  • April +0.5 (51.1) Snow 1.0" (1.1")

Total Seasonal Snow forecast for East Nantmeal Township 41.3" (including 0.3" so far). Average Seasonal Snowfall (1984-2016) here in Chester County above 650 feet is 37.3".

So a slightly colder than normal winter and a near to slightly above normal snow season...now back to the professionals!



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