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10/27 Weeklies: Pattern Change Where Art Thou?

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week 1 -enao/-ao/+epo/neutral pna/ abv normal hgts

week 2 -nao/neutral epo/-ao/+pna/below normal hgts

week 3 weak -epo/-nao/-ao/+pna/way below normal hgts, flow from canada

week 4 -epo/+pna/-enao/-ao/below normal hgts, flow from canada

week 5 --epo/-ao/-enao/+pna/ below normal hgts

week 6 neutral epo/+pna/-nao/-ao/ normal hgts

definitely a southern stream involved too. Thats a pretty solid pattern on weeklies

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6 minutes ago, Mitchg said:

Very strong - EPO signal on the weeklies tonight weeks 3-5. They look good at 500 mb, Gulf of AK trough retrogrades weeks 2 into 3. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the surface still isn't close to the numbers I gave. 

yea I'm not we are goin to see any -4s or anything like that. The flow is meridonal but not over powering where the flow is from Yukon Cornelius. Though, the 850 temp anoms for those weeks are way below normal. Would be shocked if we don't see some -'s this run. 

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