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10/17 Hula Weeklies

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Just now, JamieO said:

I hear a fair amount being bantered about regarding a turn to colder in early-mid Nov, wonder if that's what the Canadian is sniffing out in week 4. Any word on the Euro? 

I'll get to it today at some point, just been slammed at work. 

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week 1 -pna/+ao/+nao/+epo/ abv normal hgts, ridging offshore, zonal flow

week 2 +epo/-pna/-nao/neutral ao/ normal hgts, zonal flow, but big cut off with below normal hgts in northeast and Canadian maritimes

week 3 weak +pna/-nao/+epo/-ao/ abv normal hgts, se ridge

week 4 neutral epo/+pna/+nao/neutralao/below normal hgts,looks like high lat blocking 

week 5 -enao/-ao/+pna/neutral epo/ below normal hgts

week 6 neutral epo/neutral pna/-ao/-enao/ normal to slightly abv normal hgts



week 1 +8

week 2 -1

week 3 +2

week 4 0

week 5 0

week 6 0



week 1 slightly below

week 2 normal

week 3 normal

week 4 normal

week 5 normal

week 6 slightly below normal 

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