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9/26 weeklies

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week 1 neutral pna/--epo/--nao/-ao/slightyl above normal hgts, stuck between closed low to the west and WAR to east

week 2 ---pna/----epo/--ao/++nao/above normal hgts, se ridge

week 3 -ao/+pna/+epo/+nao/above nomal hgts, split flow, weak se ridge just offshore

week 4 +pna/+epo/+nao/+ao/normal hgts, split flow, still zonal flow

week 5 neutral pna/+epo/+nao/+ao/normal hgts,  zonal flow

week 6 +pna/+epo/-ao/+nao/normal hgts, much better meridonal flow

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Week 1....0F

Week 2...+5F

Week 3...+3F

Week 4...+3F



Week 1....below (no not a typo)

Week 2....below

Week 3....above

Week 4....normal

500 mb has big time positive heighjt anomalies over Canada weeks 1 & 2, then a +epo/-pna weeks 3 and 4 as the

former unwinds (-nao) week 3.

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