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8/10-8/16 Prolonged high dews, heat, and thunderstorm obs.


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Well, it looks like we are in store for a long stretch of some hot and humid weather. Temperatures could get as high as 96/97 in rural areas. Combine that with dew points in the mid to upper 70s and heat indexs cold be over 105. Throw in the chance for some thunderstorms to add to the mugginess. At first, the most widespread storm action should be north and west of the city in the wednesday-saturday period, but after that everyone is game. With any thunderstorm that does form the potential for extremely heavy rain is possble with saturated profiles right up through the column as we get a sw flow right off the Gulf of Mexico around the Bermuda high. PWAT values in the 2-2.5" range.

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2 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

The predicted activity around us this morning is off to a rather dubious start. Hope JamieO has better luck with pcpn just north of him.

The euro and eps weren't that gung ho for much today south of i78. They have better chances tomorrow for the region, but esp north of m/d line.

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18 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

Probably some pretty solid rates in that storm

The heaviest rain was brief, but picked up a quick .20". Still a bit of light/moderate stuff.

1.08"/hr rate per Davis Vue

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37 minutes ago, cbelke said:

Nope. It's a 21 and over pool. So all are of legal age.

I apologize if I offended anyone with my post. It just happened to be the view I have.

I'm jealous of...

1. The pool

2. The view

3. The weather

Mostly cloudy and humid here. 

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