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7/11 Weeklies = Free Ice With Any Coffee Purchase

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Week 1....+3 (heat centered in southwest Plains)

Week 2....+3 (heat centered in Mississippi Valley)

Week 3....0F (ridge retrogrades to west coast)

Week 4....+1F (ridge stays along west coast)



Week 1...normal (below se part of our area)

Week 2...normal

Week 3...above

Week 4...below


500mb looks like -nao west weeks 3 and 4 after heat ridge gets flattened as it retrogrades.  We wish you luck.

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week 1 neutral a0/-epo/-pna/neutral nao/abv normal hgts, ridge east, trof west

week 2 +nao/+ao/+epo/-pna/ abv normal hgts, ridge in plains, trof in means over northeast.

week 3 +pna/+ao/+nao/+epo/abv normal hgts ridge over rockies, trof in northeast

week 4 +pna/+ao/+epo/+nao/ slightly abv normal hgts, ridge in rockies, trof in east, flow almost from O Canada

week 5 neutral ao/+epo/+nao/+pna/ normal hgts, even deeper trof in east, ridge in rockies, flow again almost from O Canada.

week 6 neutral epo/+ao/-enao/+pna, normal hgts, ridge in rockies, trof in east, not as deep as weeks 4&5

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Strange on how flow doesn't affect temps. I wouldn't think they should be nearly the same.


Well one thing is that Canada isn't exactly cool in the next coming weeks. They have some big abv normal progs showing up the next couple weeks at h5

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