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6/6 Weeklies

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Week 1......-2F  :wub:

Week 2.......0F :unsure:

Week 3.....+1F  :(

Week 4.....+2F  :angry:




Week 1.....above (too much Colin IMO)

Week 2.....above (stalled/nearby front?)

Weeks 3 & 4....near normal


500mb week 3 looks like it should be warmer than week 4 with highest

anomalies over us, by week 4 they are in Eastern Canada, may be getting late

in the season for backdooring relief, nevertheless would support Canadian highs.


Canadian Weeklies.  These come out on Thu, but start today.



Weeks 1 & 2 near normal PA, above normal NJ

Weeks 3 & 4 above everywhere



Week 1....near normal

Weeks 2 and 3 above

Week 4...torchy below

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week 1 +pna/-nao/+ao/+epo/ below normal hgts

week 2 -nao/-pna/+epo/+ao/below normal hgts

week 3 -pna/+ao/neutral nao/-epo/ slightly abv normal hgts, pretty zonal flow but ridge position albeit weak is in plains

week 4 -epo/-pna/+nao/+ao/abv nomal hgts, mean trof in plains, trof in the means over the east, right on border between warmth south and cool north

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