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6/2 weeklies

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week 1 -nao/-ao/+pna/+epo/ below normal hgts

week 2 -nao/neutral ao/-pna/neutral epo/ below normal hgts

week 3 -epo/+ao/neutral nao/-pna/abv normal hgts, mean ridge plains to miss valley, but flow is pretty zonal

week 4 neutral ao/-enao/-epo/-pna/ slightly abv normal hgts, mean ridge shifts back to Rockies, trof in means over east.



week 1 +1

week 2 0

week 3 +3

week 4 +3


32 day temp anom  +2




week 1 .8-.9

week 2 1-1.2

week 3 .6

week 4 1-1.2


32 day precip total 4.5-5"


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Cfs2 that starts tomorrow and not Monday still has the -nao pattern that has to unravel the first two weeks. Week 3 is normal zonal and week 4 looks torchy for the entire conus.

Raw numbers,

Week 1...+3F

Week 2....0F

Week 3...+2F

Week 4...+3F

Precip, week 1 wet, weeks 2 and 3 dry, week 4 normal.

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