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Rank your favorite snowstorms that you've experienced


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Hey guys, my rankings are skewed because of storm chasing & living near Pittsburgh for 3 years, though the only big storm I missed while out in Pitt was Feb 11-12 2006. 


1) Blizzard of 1996: No words

2) Blizzard of 2013: (Nemo) Marlboro, MA; My first chase, one of the best experiences of my life even though I was too far N of the deathband still got 24-26" 

3) Blizzard of 2015: (SE MA, just E of RI); My 3rd ever chase, was an epic storm even though I of course was too far SE of the death band & 30" marks.

4) Blizzard of 2016: Even though Philly got robbed a bit, this storm was just epic

5) February 2010: back to back storms; S & W of NE Philly got hit a tad better, but what an epic stretch



Underrated storm; January 26-27 2011: 2 part system. First part surprised many with a few inches of heavy snow. Then the 2nd part had the heaviest snow I'd ever seen fall. Picked up over a foot in like 5 hours. 

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For me I missed 96 as I was on a cruise miserable knowing I was missing that Blizzard so that would have been my obvious #1.



1)  Dec 09 blizzard received 27" living in Swedesboro NJ (was ground zero for that storm I believe) experienced thundersnow about 4 or 5 times.

2) Feb 5-6th 2010 and received 24" of snow  

3) Blizzard of 93 I was a sophmore in HS living in Bear DE.  I believe it was like a foot of snow then a few inches of slop then another 5" of snow.  The overall size and duration of that storm was just amazing

4)  Blizzard of 2016.  Just an impressive long duration snowstorm.  21.5" imby (Chadds Ford PA) so certainly not the hardest hit but it was impressive none the less. 

5)   Feb 9th-10th 2010 18" in NJ

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22" would be the biggest storm during the initial 111 yrs. of snowfall records. The recent run has skewed expectations.

I was talking about that the other day with someone - the snowstorm gap between 83 and 93 (and then prior to '78!) was a lot more of a norm than what's going on the last 10-15 yrs. Heckuva run we're on...

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I was 13 in '96, and have memories of being off from school for a long time with plenty of playing outside, but that was before I really had a love for weather.  This storm is #1 for me. Tracking it all week and the consistency in the modeling were great.  The timing was perfect too--come home from a long week at work, crack open a cold one, light a fire and wait for the flakes to start falling.  The long duration was nice too, got to watch the snow fall for over half of the weekend.  

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In terms of storms...

1. January 2016 ~27"...28 consecutive hours of snow; heavy snow for many hours.

2. January 1996 ~24"...first all out blizzard I witnessed at age 17.

3. February 9-10, 2010 ~22"...heaviest hitter IMBY in an amazing month.

4. January 26-27, 2011 ~not sure exact total... but unforgettable evening Thundersnow.

Probably the best snow event I witnesses yet I can't quite call it one storm was in college when lake effect/enhancement combined with 2 storms in 4 days dropped 42" near Rochester, NY. March 3-7, 1999.

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1. Friday 2/11/1983 into Saturday 2/12/1983; New Fairfield, CT; 27" in less than 24 hours.

2. Saturday 12/30/2000; Rockaway, NJ; 27" in less than 24 hours.

3. Friday 1/22/2016 into Saturday 1/23/2016; Bangor, PA; 27" (+/- 1") in less than 24 hours.

Notice any themes, other than my slow migration southwest?

I also lived in Boston for the 1993/1994 and 1995/1996 winters when they set and re-set their all time seasonal snowfall record (but was in Grad School and couldn't fully enjoy those incredible winters). Those were the days of the NE weather group -- any of you remember that forum?

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I was talking about that the other day with someone - the snowstorm gap between 83 and 93 (and then prior to '78!) was a lot more of a norm than what's going on the last 10-15 yrs. Heckuva run we're on...

Yup. There was a time when a 6-12" snowfall prediction was a rare forecast and felt like a grand slam if it verified.

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96 was king

Feb 5-6th, 2010. Just remember incredible snowfall rates over me as I was working. Delco had about 28-30" from that storm. Banding was unreal.

Boxing Day storm- DEC 2010: extremely dynamic system. The best part of the storm was the modeling issues. Euro had the storm for over a week affecting a large part of the east coast, while the other models had nothing/OTS. Then, 48 hours prior, the EURO lost the storm OTS and it was chaos.

The GFS was first to bring it back inside 48 hours. but was discounted due to the infamous "INITIALIZATION ERRORS".

By 24-18 hours out, all modeling got back on board for a big hit. Weather boards were going nuts.

Jan 2016- awesome storm. Pretty much a real

Blizzard for parts of the area. Dry slotted a bit, but still managed 22"

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February 1969, prediction was snow quickly changing to rain, never did, NYC not prepared, no school for a week.


February 1983, unbelievable wall of snow, back in the day when 18" was an extreme snowstorm.


This one.


December 2009, got stuck at work for 36 hours, but at least this one had the Ambien induced amnesia story of my raising Mount Holly West's thermostat to 85 degrees in the middle of the night.


March 1993,  Probably still the best modeled storm ever.  Left 12 hours early for mid shift on Saturday morning, had to walk backwards to the office because the sleet hurt so much, got to spend two nights in some swanky mid town NYC hotel, when I finally made it home Monday morning was able to make it  because I had a 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer.  Then that Blazer let me down on the jughandle in Jan 96 :(


I have to give an honorable mention to a Dutchess County snow event on New Years Eve 1981 or 1982ish. We all stayed over our friend's house, it was a fantastic wet snow, the best snowball fight, wrestling matches, pile-ons in the snow I ever remember/had.


All the rest, worked and / or stormdata(ed) them, much less fun.

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I guess I will go with the 6 storms of over 20" I experienced although 1993 - which I also experienced from Northeast Philly ranks high


1) 1996 - (30"+) - I actually experienced this one from my apartment in Exton Pa

2) Feb 10, 2010 - (26.8") - here in East Nantmeal - this is the one Tony connected me with the Philadelphia Inquirer on and they featured me and other folks in East Nantmeal in their article. Plus I was in between jobs so I really got to enjoy the storm

3) Jan 26, 2016 - (26.0")East Nantmeal

4) Feb 11, 1983 - at my parents home in Northeast Philly. Just an amazing storm - back in the day when understand living in Philly we did not experience any storms over 10" at all from 1967 through January 1978 - so I never saw a 10" + storm until I was 14  years old - today's kids think these big storms happen all the time - the days are coming when we will once again go through that phase and all the climate change folks will point to that...

5) Feb 17, 2003 - (21.5")Thorndale PA - very cold storm and well modeled - another weekend special as most were

6) Feb 14, 2014 - (20.0") - East Nantmeal - this was a pretty long event with it starting at 9pm on the 12th and ending early in the overnight AM on the 14th - also pretty warm right after the storm - 40+

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