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Thank you from the staff of Phillywx.com


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Just want to put a big thank you out there to the membership throughout this historic storm. There was a lot of discussion, from mets to forecasters to amateurs. Everything went smoothly, minimal issues, and we really took the forum out in the spotlight and onto the next level. We pride ourselves in limiting the bs, and getting as much accurate information & relative discussion out there as possible. This would not have been possible without you guys. You made Tony, myself & the admins job pretty easy. Everyone from the professional mets in here, to the hobbyist who just wants to post obs or ask questions, all are important to the success of this forum. We hope to keep it going as we move forward throughout winter.

Glad to see everyone in the forum viewing area get the snow we wanted, and historic one at that! Be safe out there shoveling. Again, thank you, and hope you all keep contributing.

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Thanks to all of you for doing a fabulous job. As a total newbie weather enthusiast, the forum is a great place for people like me to learn and ask questions without feeling like we're intruding. I know that comes down to the people running the show. 


So, thanks!  :) 

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