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WXSIM Weather Simulator Forecasts


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For Monday-Tuesday's event with the 6z data

Wxsim shows light snow during the day becoming moderate by 7pm Monday with 1.0" of snow (26.4 temp)

By 10pm a Snow/IP mix with 2.0" of snow/IP

Transitioning to IP and ZR by 1am temp at 28.5

ZR thru 6am with 0.90" falling as frozen between snow/ip/zr

Then another 1.25" of rain during the day ending by 5pm

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No surprise that with the 18z data the Wxsim shows the entire precipitation with the storm occurring with temps never getting above 0c - plus another snow event starting in the wee hours of Wed morning - here is the run down

Moderate snow by 4pm Monday temp 26.8

Heavy Snow at 7pm temp 25.8 with  1.3" of snow

Heavy Snow at 10pm temp 25.9 with 3.0" of snow

Heavy mix of Snow and IP at 1am temp 26.4 with 4.8" of snow/IP accumulation

IP/ZR mix at 4am temp 27.5

IP/ZR mix at 7am temp 29.0

Precip ends by 930am all 0.91" falling as frozen

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Wxsim with the 6z GFS/NAM now models most of the precip falling with temps never getting above freezing in NW Chesco

Snow begins during the PM on Monday with 0.5" by 4pm temp 23.2

Moderate Snow during the evening to heavy IP/Snow mix by late night with 4" of snow/sleet on the ground at 1am with a temp of 26.3

IP/ZR mix continues through 7am with another 1.20" of frozen falling

temps reach 31.9 at 10am on Tuesday with another 0.90" falling as frozen

Tapering to drizzle with temps topping out at 34 at 3pm

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18z  forecast from Wxsim for NW Chester County Pa

Light snow arrives by noon on Monday temp 20.0

6pm Heavy Snow Temp 25.2 (1.8" of snow)

9pm Heavy IP/Snow mix Temp 25.6 (3.0" of Snow/IP)

12midnight ZR temp 26.1

Temp rises above freezing by 6am Tuesday morning with a total of 0.70" (including snow) falling as frozen

Temps rise to near 40 wit another 1.15" of rain during the day

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Wxsim with 6z data

Light snow by noon tomorrow temp 18.7

4pm moderate snow temp 22.3 (1.0" snow)

7pm Heavy Snow temp 22.2 (2.4" snow)

10pm snow temp 23.8 (3.3" snow)

mix with ZR/IP by 1030pm then ZR between 11pm and 7am - temp at 7am 30.9 (0.44" of zr fell during this time)

Temps rise above freezing by 730am with another 0.66" of rain falling

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Wxsim for NW Chesco with 18z GFS/NAM


Flurries overnight with light snow by 10am temp 11.9

4PM moderate snow temp 19.1 (1.5" snow)

7pm moderate snow temp 21.5 (2.7" snow)

10pm Snow/IP mix temp 22.6 (3.3" snow/IP)

ZR between 1030 and 8am

8am ZR temp 31.5 (0.24" falls with temps below freezing)

After 830am temps above freezing with another 1" of rain falling

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Regarding the TH/Fri event Wxsim with 6z data has:

flurries by 10pm Thursday temp at 31.6

1.0" of snow by 2am Friday temp 30.0

2.5" of snow by 7am Friday temp 30.0

3.0" of snow by 10am

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S+? LOL If it was S+ pretty sure there'd be more than 3" by 7AM

Perhaps it's only snow+ for an hour+-?!
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6z Wxsim for NW Chesco now up to 4.4" of snow by Friday late PM

Snow arriving by 1am temp 31.3

7am Light snow temp 29.7 with 1.2" on the ground

10am - Heavy Snow (yes Ray S+) temp 30.4 with 2.3" so far

1pm - Mod snow temp 30.6 with 3.5" of snow

4pm - Mod snow temp 30.2 with 4.2"

Snow ends by 5pm with 4.4" of total snow

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Latest Wxsim for NW Chesco using 6z data has a mainly rain event arriving tomorrow PM mixing with some snow at times with 0.25" of total precip falling before ending on Sunday late day

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Latest Wxsim with 6z data shows snow for the first time all week.

Snow rain mix by 4pm temp 38.5

Light snow at 7pm temp 34.1

Moderate Snow at 10pm temp 30.2 (0.09" w.e.)

Snow at 1am temp 29.3 (0.5" of snow)

Snow at 4am temp 29.2 (1.5" of snow) 0.23" w.e.)

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