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1/7 weeklies

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i will look, but does it really matter? The weeklies completely missed this nao period and that was 3 days ago

just wondering, It doesn't really matter much. CFS swinging wildly week 4. I was thinking more SSW lines, although a real long shot at this point.
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Any flip back at the end of week 4, or does it get progressively worse past week 4?

I wouldn't say they get worse as the week goes. It's just pretty stagnant. The mean trough in the means is over the east, but the the heights are warm because the ridge out west isn't to amplified. So your flow is coming from washington state. The ridge of warmth colors is what the gefs looked like yesterday over hudson bay down to new england.

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Week 1: 0

Week 2: 0

Week 3: +1

Week 4: +1


Precip normal all 4 weeks.


Southern Rockies have by far the biggest departures. And Russia.

I probably am going to say this until 2017, I just don't see how next week is going to be that warm unless a spillover from Sunday and a ramped up Tuesday make up for the rest of the week.

Anyway Canadian weeklies below weeks 1 and 2, normal weeks 3 and 4. Dry weeks 1 and 3 and normal weeks 2 and 4.

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