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Snowless 4th Quarters and how we end up?


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!


I reviewed the Chester County dataset from 1894 to Present and found only 10 Q4's that featured no snow. This year will be the 11th...and first such Q4 since 2006. So what does this mean for the weenies who love snow? To cut to the chase....not good at all! Despite some vendor forecasts still calling for above normal snow totals by April - this by the numbers appears highly unlikely as only 1 season 1965/66 was able to approach and in that case equal normal snowfall in the county of 35.0".

The average seasonal snow falls of all seasons with no measurable snow by New Years day is 16.5". Details below:

1941/42 - 9.0"

1943/44 - 18.7"

1956/57 - 12.3"

1965/66 - 34.6"

1972/73 - 0"

1974/75 - 14.5"

1991/92 - 9.5"

1999/00 - 29.7"

2001/02 - 11.1"

2006/07 - 25.3"

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Paul, Merry Christmas to you too! Given the climo history of super strong ninos not being snowy in January, I agree with you. 65-66 was a faster fading strong nino than this current one. I could still see places with lower climatic snowfall possibly getting above normal because it would take just one, but places that normally average more, they'd need another 2010 typish Feb.

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