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Warm El Nino Novembers and Ensuing Winters Feast or Famine? All Is Not Lost


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I think this is pretty much been bandied about about this upcoming winter.  There is an amazing 

snowfall split in these analogs. Bottom line though is none of them are superdupertorchy (current normal is 34.8F) and to have half above normal snowwise (only 3 of 8 winters average above normal) does increase the chances of a snowy winter (corroborates a similar percentage with the Eurasian snow cover) even if it doesnt look that promising on the front end.  Notice 1997-98 pulled a Kevin Costner Big Chill and is on the cutting room floor.



November                  October temp category;   Ensuing Winter Temp;   Ensuing Snowfall (Peak Month)

(strong el ninos

 marked with a (S)


1994                                  normal                                        37.2                                    9.8 (Feb)

2006*                                normal                                        36.3                                  13.4 (Feb)     

1902                                  normal                                        34.3                                  16.8  (Feb)

2009*                                normal                                        33.8                                  78.7 (Feb)

1896(S)                              cold                                             33.6                                   25.7 (Dec)

1982(S)*                            normal                                        36.4                                   35.9 (Feb)

1987(S)*                            cold                                             33.7                                   15.0 (Jan)

1963                                  normal                                        30.9                                   32.9 (Feb)


* Pos PDO winter.

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