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Summer of 2015 - 90+ days - add yours


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Here is a list through September 6th

KPHL - 34

KPNE - 34

KTTN - 24

KRDG - 21

KVAY - 20

KABE - 17

KMDT - 16

KLOM - 11

KDYL - 10

KLNS - 10

KSEG - 10

KPTW - 6

KUKT - 6

KUNV - 0

KMPO - 0

KMQS - 0


East Nantmeal Twp. - 0


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18 IMBY.


That PTW total of 6 is..........surprising although most of my 90+'s were 90-91 so PTW was probably 88-89 many of those days.


Edit: Today was perfect example of that temp. breakdown

I think ptw sensor is running to cool. I'm 6 or so miles nw of them and a little higher up and I'm double their number

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Tom - I don't remember what kind of weather station you have...is it a fan aspirated unit? If not they might explain your warmer temps....

dvp2, not fan aspirated just standard solar radiation shield...all the other pws stations around me are in line with my reading today

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Tombo, when you see ABE and RDG with around 20, 90+ days it just doesn't make sense why PTW (I'm roughly 6 miles due east of the airport) would be significantly less. Probably running cool 1-2 degrees....just enough to fall short of that 90 degree line on many occasions I bet.

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