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7.15.1995 - Hell On Earth Day


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That was the day of the infamous 102/82 ob at PHL.




Everyone had 110+ heat index values at some point that day. A lot of spots got to 120 for a couple of hours.


The '95 heat wave featured 24 90+ days in 25 days in the city. It was also the first big test for the city with heat wave response in the wake of a heat wave a couple of years prior that had killed 118.





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It literally felt like you walked into an oven when you stepped outside.  Was that the night a huge mcs came through? I think it was still in the low 90s after midnight.

I recall there was a big derecho to the north the previous night.  Don't remember anything the night immediately after, but I know there were good storms a day or two later.

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The linked page shows 102 as the "actual" temp but the "record" says 103, also in 1995, so what date was THAT?

Weather underground is wrong - high for 7/15/95 was 103 at philly. High temp they have listed for the following day is also wrong - actually 91 not the 88 listed.

I also question the hourly obs they have down for 7/15/95 - highly doubt at PHL the temp dropped from 97 at 8:00pm to 91 at 9:00pm.

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