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6/27 - 6/28 rain/thunder/'Ning/slight risk


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Place all obs here related to today's event.

Most of southern/SE pa in slight risk, with extreme southern areas of Lanco & Chesco in enhanced.

Still pretty meh, and how far north the warm front gefs will dictate where we go from plain rain to convective. Anything that does manage to go convective has a small shot at producing a small spin up given the shear field. Best chances south towards DC proper me thinks.

Personally, hoping for overcooked qpf from the models.

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anyways, .42 so far. Pretty amazing last night those storms. I was at work last night cleaning up our fireworks display and I kept looking at the radar wondering if they were going to push west a hair. They sat literally a mile or 2 to my east the whole night.

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it could be a clear day and sitting through a phils game could be as bad as sitting out in the rain watching it lol

Tough being a pro sports fan in Phila these days. :( Heavy burst hitting the park now and the few fans attending might be well advised to give it up today.

Rain Delay just started

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This storm reminds me of the one like 2-3 years ago where DC and baltimore were under the gun for tornadoes and we were caught battling the warm front.

more like 5 ish, had that case at a trying course for warning operations a few years back where tornadoes occurred in starlings area but none made it up into nj.
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