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6/18 Weeklies

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Week 1: 0 (-1 N Burbs) - very tight gradient... +5 at NC/VA border, +9 in NE SC, but -4 across Adirondacks and NNE.

Week 2: -1 (-2 N & W Burbs)

Week 3: 0

Week 4: 0


Precip is wet Weeks 1 and 2, normal in 3 and 4


The whole H5 pattern shifts in Weeks 2-4. with a mean trough stretching from Quebec through the Great Lakes to Texas. That hasn't been the background state this year, so for now I'd treat these as suspect.

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What about the H5 is changing? I saw some ridging into Greenland on the models. So maybe some -NAO action? Maybe east based?

From what I remember a -nao in summer doesn't have the same effect as it does in winter with cooler anomalies, but im not positive on that

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