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Weather Factoids Associated with Today's Snowstorm in Chester County Pa


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With today's 11.3" here in the Chester County we set a new daily record for the date previously set back on this date in 1902 when 9.5" of snow was recorded by the Coatesville observer .

Overall today's fall was the 6th greatest single snowstorm in March in the 122 year database for the County. The only larger March snowstorms were:

3/20/1958 - 19.0"

3/14/1993 - 16.1"

3/11/1907 - 13.7"

3/17/1947 - 12.3"

3/2/1914 -   12.0"


The greatest remaining snowstorms after this date greater than today include:

4/11/1894 - 28.2"

4/19/1916 - 15.4"

4/01/1924 - 15.0"

4/01/1997 - 13.7"


With today's event we have now received 50.3" of snow this season. The average snowfall in Chester County above 650ft is 35.9" over the last 32 years. Here in East Nantmeal Township over the last 12 years at this location we have averaged 40.8" per winter season. While the 50.3" so far this season pales in comparison to the 80.0" we received last year or the 87" back in 2009/10 this total represents the 20th snowiest season since 1893/94. We are currently tied with 1982/83 at 50.3".


Also of note is we have had continuous snow cover for the last 42 days since January 23rd. I'm not sure we will match last year but we may get close. Last year we had continuous snow cover for 50 consecutive days. The all-time longest snow cover was the 63 days recorded during the winter of 1995-96. On top of everything else we have a shot at setting a record low tomorrow morning. The record low tomorrow is 6.0 set in 3 different years the last recorded in 1960.

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