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I'd give it a B. It fooled around in the beginning of the season, did not meet expectations and fell behind, but rallied in the last trimester with lots of extra credit projects (snow events, below zero lows earned lots of points with me). (I used a subjective grading rubric).

Here's the breakdown:

First Trimester: F

Second Trimester: B

Third Trimester: A

Average grade: B

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This needs two polls - grades for cold/snow lovers, and one for cold/snow haters.  The lovers are more numerous on this board, and skew it positive, but any votes from us snow haters would ruin the average for what many people here are looking for.


FWIW I was kind and did not vote.  That lone F vote is not me! :)

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Had some snow in November, December was lame, Snow and cold came on in January with snowpack from mid-January on never fully melting.

February was brutal cold sustaining snowpack with small events for the most part, March turns out to be a big win. Surpassed average snowfall by a little over 12".

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FWIW I was kind and did not vote. That lone F vote is not me! :)

Could it be...


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I'm B+ this winter. 40+ days with snow otg, abv avg snowfall, awesome cold, with 3 below zero nights. Only reason it didn't get an A was because Christmas Eve was 64, that is just totally unacceptable and an epic to catastrophic fail.

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My vote is B-. Almost didn't realize how fast winter was slipping away without snow... January was almost over before I realized it! I was disappointed with most of the snowfalls until today's, but it was nice to have one or more storms to keep an eye on almost every week since late January. Just the anticipation that something *might* happen makes the winter enjoyable and makes it go by fast. Î love snow, but hate the cold. But perversely, I actually enjoy the extreme cold, simply because I love extreme weather. A slew of dry days in the 20s and 30s would have been even worse.

March is a tough month. I don't like getting teased with a few warm days early in the month, getting spring fever, only to see the temps dip back down below freezing; that somehow makes the cold seem even worse than it does in the dead of winter. Consistent spring temps are likely still weeks away, so I wouldn't mind another snowstorm before then!

On a related note, I don't like the new, earlier start to daylight savings time; seems like a warm weather thing, and it's just not that time of year yet. What good is it for it still to be light out at 7PM when it's only 30 degrees?!? Or maybe it's just that, as a CPA, I prefer it to get dark early this time of year so that I won't feel like I'm missing anything while I'm stuck in the office all evening!

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