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The Mount Holly Ice Challenge Today


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I told Mitch that I was sooooooo ;) confident that Philadelphia's high would be greater than 27 today, that he could throw, pour, fill in the blank, all the stale ice in the freezer at/on me if the high is not 28 or greater.


For any guests, this will be done on off duty time and we will replenish any ice that is damaged beyond repair that cant be return to the freezer.

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I was in meteorological witness protection.  :ph34r:




For 24 hours any random joe on the street could declare themselves a professional meteorologist, and no one would refute them.  And no one would want to claim to be one :smiley-scared0012:


i might have to go tamper with that phl temp sensor


No, if you blow on it it will get colder.  Have Adam do it.


1 to go....


Still only 1:00, no clouds....might happen!

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