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Spring/Summer outing ( in addition to any golf events)


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If anyone is interested in a spring/summer outing to get to meet in person, here is list I started. Feel free to add to it and express interest in a potential board outing. Need to get free of the computer screen at some point. 


1. Mount Holly office visit and going over what we look for in obs ( would have to look further into this one) Tour list is very long now. 

2. Baseball game Major or minor league ( Phillies we would have to try for a Lee/Hamels game) 

3. Beach day to a shore destination, this could be a weekend as well i guess. 

4. Meal/apps/drinks at a restaurant/bar

5. I'm sure they are other good ones 

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Blue Rocks are a cheap alternative to the Phillies, but I realize that it would be a long drive for some folks.

I'm not a trained observer, so a different Mt Holly tour would be terrific.

Since I live 75 minutes from center city and have bunch of kids' activities, I haven't been able to make any of the meet-ups, but I'd be interested in something not too far away.

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Btw the likely date for the golf outing is Sat Sept 12th. Course tbd. We çan do a scramble format, so there really is no pressure and the 19th hole has been let's say interesting the last couple of years...

Non-golfers welcome at the 19'th hole - maybe we can reserve a room or a group of tables if we can organize a large enough group.

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