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Winter 2015 Pic's

Qtown Snow

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Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing photo thread...

Not likely to ever be repeated again in any of our lifetimes!


And for some added fun check out these photos from coastal Canada…


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Insane buzzfeed pics.

Gotta take a road trip north..way north even!!

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I've been up at Greek Peak in NY between Syracuse and Binghamton. I'll have a ton more pics.

Snow depth is about as high as I've ever witnessed probably 30-35" (2010 was close to 30" back home). Drifts 6'+.

They've added about 6-8 inches on that between Sunday and Tuesday since I've been up here.



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I booked this trip in August hoping for lingering snow in March. Little did I know I'd be spoiled. Syracuse has a depth of 28", Binghamton at 18". This locale is between them is one of the higher spots elevation wise at 2100'


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