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The Best Of The '90s; Labor Day Week (9/4 to 9/8) OBS.


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7 minutes ago, Chubbs said:

Showers/clouds from a weak disturbance dropping south this am could keep area cooler than expected today


I would vehemently like this. It was nice seeing some clouds this morning. Don’t know the last time I typed that previous sentence. 

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Off to the warmest morning low (71.1) here in East Nantmeal since July 28th which should be a nice launching pad to see if we can surpass 90 degrees for the 1st time since June 30, 2021 here in EN. If not today better chances both Tuesday and Wednesday.
Records for today High 94 (1964) / Low 44 (1987) / Rain 2.30" (1935)
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90.0 on the dot in NW Chesco after 66.2 this morning.    Good diurnal range given high dews.   DP 68 at the moment.    Zero rainfall.

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8 hours ago, Rainshadow said:

It looks like tomorrow, we might get a bit of a break as the circulation from around former Idalia backs slightly "cooler" air into the region.  Then the two hottest days of the week (year?) follow. 


50 minutes ago, Rainshadow said:

95 at least at Philly. Breaks daily record and ties if just 95 and not 96 the hottest day of the year.

Way to get my hopes up!! Haha. 

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