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January Climate Summaries


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Overall here in NW Chesco in the NW Philly burbs we ended up a bit colder and snowier than normal


Average High was 33.2 and the average low was 19.2 - average temp was 26.2 - this is the 30th coldest year in the 121 year data set for Chester County - a top 25% coldest January in recorded history


Overall Precipitation was 3.59" just .02" above normal

Snowfall for the month was 11.2" which is 0.4" above the normal of 10.8" (35th snowiest January in history)

2014/15 Season to date snowfall stands at 21.6" which is 4.6" above the normal season to date of 16.9"


February is the snowiest average month here in Chester County Pa with an average of 12.3" falling during the month

Normal seasonal snowfall in Chester County is 35.6" (range from as little as nothing (1972/73) to as much as 95.0" (1898/99)

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