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25th-27th "I'm out of town" storm


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Is anybody else out there as concerned about the temps as I am? Seems like we are running 4-5 degrees above where we should have been at this time.

There is a cold front sinking slowly south through the area marked by a shift to N winds. Models indicate it will cool overnight. You are right though the progress of the colder air S has been slow

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Snow picking up here in NW Chesco some nice radar returns developing to the SW between Baltimore and York

Snow starting to recover all non-snow covered surfaces

Temp falling slowly


Wind N2 gusts to 5mph

RH 92%

DP 30.6

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Some very light snow here in NW Chesco temp down to 30.9

Wind NNW 4 gusts to 7mph

RH 93%

DP 29.1


Off to bed shortly up early to see what the AM brings.....trends have not been good for those who want a HECS or SECS.....but weather is not an exact science so stay tuned - should be a very interesting day tomorrow!

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