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2014 Climate Review - Local Station


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Here in East Nantmeal Township in NW Chester County PA


Note: All averages are 31 Year averages above 660 ft here in Chester County

Note: All all-time records are from 1894 to Present (121 years - elevations between 340 ft to 685 ft asl)


Overall it was one of the coldest and snowiest years in Chester County history with the 3rd snowiest and 8th coldest in the 121 year database.


Average Temperature was 50.4 degrees (1.9 below normal) this was the coldest year in the 31 year higher elevation dataset and the 8th coldest year all-time. The coldest all time year was 1940 with an average temperature of 49.1


Yearly snowfall was 75.3" (average is 35.6") this was the snowiest season in the 31 year higher elevation database. It is also the snowiest year here in Chester County since way back in 1907 when 75.7" of snow fell. The all-time snow year was the 82.1" that fell in 1899 (1898/99 had the highest seasonal snow total in Chester County with 95.0" of snow)


Yearly rainfall was 56.89" which was 7.79" above normal this was the 4th wettest year in the last 31 years


There were no 90+ days (first time that has happened since 2004) average is 8 days above 90. The highest temperature was 88.0 on July 2nd.

The lowest temperature was January 7th with a low of 1.7 degrees below zero

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here is mine for gilly...rainfall is off obviously cause of the snow element to it and ice.


               High	 Low	          Average
Temperature	91.6 °F	-3 °F	50.9 °F
Dew Point	79.4 °F	-99.9 °F	41.6 °F
Humidity	99%	17%	72.7%
Precipitation	40.26 in	--	--
 	     High	Low	Average
Wind Speed	15 mph	--	1.7 mph
Wind Gust	30 mph	--	--
Wind Direction	--	--	SSW
Pressure	30.78 in	-32.77 in	--
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My parents' temps, wind and pressure are off because there were some days missing after the fire (and in fact wind was missing for quite some time), but the CoCoRaHS precip/snowfall data (which moved to briefly to my brothers house a mile south for a time after the fire) is as follows:


Total precipitation:  48.10"

Wettest day midnight-midnight:  4.68 on April 30th

Wettest storm (2 days):  4.99" on April 30th-May 1st

Number of days with 0.01" of precipitation or more: 128

Number of days with 0.10" of precipitation or more: 81

Number of days with 0.50" of precipitation or more: 28

Number of days with 1.00" of precipitation or more: 13


Total snowfall:  46.1"

Snowiest day midnight-midnight:  8.5" on February 13th

Snowiest storm (2 days):  10.0" on February 13th-14th

Number of days with 0.1" of snowfall or more: 23

Number of days with 1.0" of snowfall or more: 10

Number of days with 5.0" of snowfall or more: 3

Number of days with 10.0" of snowfall or more: 0

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