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OBS: 12/22-12/24 - Rain - Wind - Snow - Cold

Qtown Snow

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8 hours ago, ErieWX said:

I’m honestly thinking of installing a heat pump since I don’t have central AC yet and just saving the natural gas furnace for very cold temps. I heard the new modern ones work very well and are probably good for this climate since it’s not over 90 often 

I was actually pricing heat pumps for use as a dual heat system (heat pump 35 degrees and up, oil under 35) and that came in at $7.2k. Problem again is the a/c unit is 13 SEER and heat pump rated at 16, which is pretty decent, would save very little in the summer vs 13.  Savings would be mainly with oil. Again, cost vs savings would take 10 years to recoup and by then I would be close to needing a new heat pump. In the end, I've decided to fix lousy insulation job in my house (built in 1978 and it's a mess and have done all I can do.) Getting 2 estimates in the next couple weeks. Probably cost around half the heat pump.

Merry Christmas to all.

Oh yeah, 16 degrees and clear skies.

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Our humble narrator keeps hitting the jackpot up in New York but staying in Massachusetts right now and the cold produced significant rare (once every 5-10 years) ocean effect snow.  A band set up right over Martha's Vineyard and suddenly there was more than 6" in spots.  Given the lack of snow on the mainland . . . we take.


...Barnstable County...
1 NW Falmouth                1.8 in    1234 PM 12/24   Amateur Radio
3 NE Falmouth                1.0 in    1213 PM 12/24   Amateur Radio
1 NW Sandwich                1.0 in    0311 PM 12/24   Public
Brewster 1.4 W                T in     0800 AM 12/24   COCORAHS
Yarmouth 2.0 S                T in     0800 AM 12/24   COCORAHS

...Dukes County...
1 N Edgartown                7.5 in    0755 PM 12/24   Trained Spotter
1 NNE Edgartown              7.0 in    1200 PM 12/24   Public
1 SE Marthas Vineyard AP     6.0 in    1130 AM 12/24   911 Call Center
West Tisbury                 5.0 in    0845 AM 12/24   Public
Chilmark                     4.8 in    0845 AM 12/24   Trained Spotter
Vineyard Haven               3.5 in    0427 PM 12/24   Trained Spotter
West Tisbury 2.6 NNE         1.8 in    0800 AM 12/24   COCORAHS

...Nantucket County...
1 NNE Nantucket              0.8 in    0605 PM 12/24   Trained Spotter
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Needed assistance from the lakes, or major elevation to get a solid covering of snow on the ground this morning anywhere in the Northeast. 

Looks like compared to climo., much of central and northern New England's lower elevations got skunked the worst.




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Using 850mb temps as a marker of how cold this air mass was and Washington DC since it is one of the closest official sounding locations to Philly, they had a reading of -25.5℃ on Saturday morning, which shatters a record for the date and marked one of only a handful of times DC has ever dipped below the -25℃ threshold in over 60 years of sounding records.

Oh, and Merry Christmas 🎅 we are all due for a big region-wide Mid-Atlantic snowstorm soon, Santa will deliver 😎



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