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Last Week of December thru the first 2 weeks of 2015


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Latest from the WeatherBell team and specifically a tweet from JB this PM

"We think what happened in the mid and latter part of November is on the way next 2 to 3 weeks, but mid-winter style. We can compare come mid January" No doubt we shall compare......right here!


Also on the WB website he says after the PM Euro came out today " Amazing how the colder this gets...the more I hear people say nothing is going on - Here is the problem - ONCE THE ARTIC AIR IS IN THE PATTERN, then we shall see what these different short waves do and how the models handle them. I would not even write off the first one early next week, the models have next to nothing with it now....let's see what this looks like on Sunday"


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JB was quite angry on his video this AM - I think he quoted the delayed not denied and says he hears what folks are saying about him on blog because he missed the pattern relax by a week.....said he remains confident that as the winter gets deeper so will the cold - feels this seasonal forecast will be one of the best he has ever had -even better than last year.

Very unlike JB to be so stubborn.....LOL

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JB today seeing the cold continuing for the most part with possible brief pull backs but overall a cold pattern for the next couple months also saying the models won't see it but watch for the 2nd strong arctic outbreak following this week's impressive one to be attacked by an upper feature that the models will lose but will result in "quite the snowstorm from the plains to the east coast in the 8 to 11 day period.

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JB's comments on the midday EURO


See's it shows a flatter solution but will not be "flip flopping" his forecast - still sees this pattern delivering a strong east coast storm during the timeframe....based on SW system experience

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