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OBS: 12/15-16, The Mixed Bag Storm to Rain for many

Qtown Snow

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I think it started as a snow/sleet mix here before becoming mostly sleet. Accumulations mainly on the road and paved surfaces surprisingly.

Then it warmed up, went to a sleet/rain mix, road started showing again as precipitation continued.

Then around 12:30 PM or so it switched to snow and has been snowing since. Much smaller flakes now than a half hour or so ago, but it did start accumulating on grass and the road. 

I'm a good bit north, but still kind of surprised it hasn't gone to all rain yet.

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It is snowing above the 546 thickness this afternoon.  I can't blame it on elevation and/or intensity either.  ASOS is sometimes wonky with visibilities, but they can't be that off in Allentown. Plus the traffic cams make the visibility look legit.  Anyway I could have just done google traffic to show where it was snowing.

It bodes well for places near the 546 thickness going forward.  Most of the sounding warm air was near the surface.  This is one case where the models did well to not show a warm nose above 850mb.




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Temp has dropped about a degree this afternoon when NWS graph temp forecast showed it to stay steady or rise a degree. Was wondering if temp drop was due to precipitation rates or is this storm trending colder? 🌭

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1 minute ago, Parsley said:

Doesn’t get much uglier than today. I’d take a whiff late next week over a wrapped up rainer, if I had a choice. 

0.2” slop this morning turned to rain by 10am. Kids had no school. 

Same weather here in Spring Mount, but the kids in the Perk Valley school district didn’t have the day off.

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