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Anyone familiar with AMS Weatherband


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Hi, about a month ago I went to a webinar on GOES 18 sponsored by the AMS Weather Band. I had some basic awareness of what the GOES satellites do and learned more at this webinar. I could tell that some of the attenders were Meteorologists or Meteorology students. The webinar, held on the evening of Aug 10th, appeared to take place at a conference. I and others attended remotely. 

After the webinar, I got an email with a link to learn more about the AMS Weather Band. Membership costs $28 a year. I am considering joining but am concerned that the Weather Band will be above my pay grade so to speak. I call myself a weather enthusiast but I am aware that many of you know a lot more than I. I a, not completely lost here as I can either refer to my Intro  to Meteorology books, the NWS education pages or elsewhere online or ask the occasional question here. However, I hesitate to join the Weather Band if the discussions and other materials are way over my head, that could be fristrating. However, there are their videos which could be helpful to me for learning more about weather for my blog and to increase my knowledge.   And perhaps I could quietly learn from their discussions. 

I have watched their video and read their FAQ. I am not a storm chaser, science teacher, nature photographer and am not sure I am a weather hobbiest. Nor am I a policy maker. But I am interested in Meteorology.

So, I am writing you fine people to ask if  any of you are familiar with the AMS Weather Band and if you think it is worth the $28 annual membership fee for to join even if  it is over my pay grade. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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