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Only picked up 0.05" of rain yesterday. Still above normal for the year but falling behind so far here in July.
The record high today is 97 degrees (1954). Our record low is 53 degrees (2001). Of note that 53 degree record low is the warmest record low temperature of any date during the calendar year. In fact there are only 10 days (all here in July) where the record low in not at least in the 40's.
Daily record rainfall for today is 2.52" (1975).
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Rainfall for the last 30 days (6/14-7/13): 1.92"

Grass starting to crunch when stepped on, some corn plants have brown tips on leaves

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59 minutes ago, Harbourton said:

I'm not going to start a drought thread, but we are dry. Watering garden every day.


Here's PA since 1895. While i'm concerned about the lack of recent rain from an agricultural perspective, it's hard to really pull the trigger on drought. Seems like something turned the corner after early 2000s and we've trended wetter. Before that (and many years before i was born), it looks like we've had some nasty droughts that seem to be impacting the west more so these days


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The record high for today is 100 degrees set back in 1954. Our record low is the 51 degrees set today in 1904. Daily rainfall record is the 2.98" from 1928.


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