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What would you give up snow for…For the rest of your life?


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Sad day in my life, as one of THE greatest bands of all times has lowered the curtain for the final time!

I’d give up a lifetime of snow to see them one more time for each tour with Peter Gabriel (1970-1975 era) and with Phil Collins on lead vocals (1976-early 1980’s era)!


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7 hours ago, PRINCETON ANGLER said:

I am a huge Genesis fan too. They were the #1 band of my youth and I really enjoyed seeing them at Wells Fargo in December. The band was excellent, with a drop off in vocals. Seeing Collins unable to stand was sad. An era gone for me and proof that I am indeed getting old.

I’d suggest getting a ticket(s), then, for next week’s Steve Hackett concerts (3) at the Scottish Rites Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ!

As an original Genesis guitarist, he keeps their legend alive, reproducing their music (from six albums) from early ‘70s through the mid-70’s “Wind & Wuthering” era…

They are, in fact, amazing musicians‼️

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