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OBS 1/20/2022: the Chubbs wave


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Have had light rain most of the night here in East Nantmeal with 0.14" so far on the VP and 0.16" on the Tempest. The winds have turned from SSW to North over the past 30 minutes and I am just starting to see a few mangled flakes mixing in with the light rain. The temp has slowly started to fall and we are now down to 34.8

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25 minutes ago, Chubbs said:

Latest HRRR. Cut amounts in the am N+W, increased amounts later in the day/eve S+E. We'll see.





I was wondering if that would happen. Radar showing the heavier precip is South of me.


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Temp has actually increased from 34.6 to 35.2 over the past 5 min - just an occasional mangled flake mixed with the very light rain/drizzle...

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Just now, chescowx said:

Temp also continues to now slowly rise here in NW Chesco temp up to 36.4 have not even seen a stray mangled flake in the last 20 minutes

Up to 35.8 from 34.9 last hour 

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