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Jersey Shore is Two-for-Two, This Time Around We Might Be Blue - 1/16/22-1/17/22 Event

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3 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

Lol there is very little change in those maps 

Keeping it real.   Outcomes are pretty clear at this point.    Hoping for a fresh coating after the wash-a-way.   Not that that turns out most of the time.

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21 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

You’ve flown to Colorado before why would Canada stop you 

Can’t speak for Heis but from my experience you need a neg Covid test with max 72hr turnaround even if vaxxed. Turnaround is around 1 week over here with the high cases. Can also use a pos test if it’s <180 days old

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1 minute ago, irishbri74 said:

Best you can hope for, even if Lehigh valley, would be thump of snow followed by dry slot. 

for us city folks, maybe 1” before changing to rain and dry slot. 

sometimes you win some with these winter storms, sometimes, mostimes* you lose some 😂

Funny thing is even if it snows a few inches Sunday night, the average Joe will wake up to rain and puddles Monday morning and shrug their shoulders.

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Memory check and looking for clarification!
Sometime in the early to mid ‘90’s on MLK weekend, was there not a  similar storm projected to bring heavy rains to Philly (and mountain snows to NE PA) which ended up delivering heavy snows to all of eastern PA (including Philly)?

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