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It Is Time To Retire The NAM


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Yes, no upgrades any further.  The model is set.  We all know there will be a you'll get NAMMed snow run.  But what about day to day temperature forecasts?  This model is so in love with low level cold air, it can't mix it.  Two examples, one from today and another for Friday.  C'mon Tony 84hrs? I don't think it is rocket science to expect some mixing.  Does the NAM think the ground is Antarctica here?  Either way, please pull the plug.  Stop wasting computer resources.  Move on to the FV3, HRRRRRRRRRR.  If the NAM is right, my only posts between now and March 31st will be limited to observations, updating the ensembles once/twice week & the qpf thread.

Today:  Yeah the temperature at PHL is going to sit at 42F all day long.


Friday:  Good luck with that.


Through the week:





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