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Winter Storm and Rain Threats (5 days and beyond)

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1 minute ago, Jamesk262 said:

Any word on 18z EURO?


Was posted above. But to my guess it would be a bit east from 12z. Faster ULL in south, tpv slower to move out from New England compressing hgt field more along east coast

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signal Christmas eve/Christmas for something on the eps.  

I could be dead in my grave and I would still head slap you 

Really hoping this pattern can deliver….I don’t want to track diminishing gradients I want a BIG storm, I want a FOOT at PHL.     BIGFOOT 

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Not sure if that will be good or not. Stronger to me would mean more ridging out ahead but guess depends on northern energy diving in and how long tpv can hold on 

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I guess this is a positive, is some dispersion here while the storm is down by NC: 


18z vs 12z: 


a few more members offshore than 12z (but we def lost central members to the west). 



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22 hours ago, DebShadow23.0 said:

The Captain of the Titanic wish it could have turned on a dime like this too. This was a 5 day trend that turned into a 12 hour lurch.

There were Pacific Ocean dropsondes, may explain the tremendous change in the GFS in particular with this event.

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