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Getting ready for a cool night.  Nice looking clouds.

25 this morning. Another beaut’

Spent the weekend up in Waterville along Pine Creek Gorge. Such beautiful country up there. Leonard Harrison SP was closed due to heavy rains washing out the road in, but the view from the other side

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39 minutes ago, Chubbs said:

Yes, happy holiday!. Clouds kept us relatively warm last night - 23.9

Up here almost 11 degrees warmer on top of the mount with a low of just 34.7....elevation FTW!!

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48 minutes ago, Mitchnick said:

Fyi, effective 12/1, Pivotal  will include Euro 6z and 18z runs with some additional parameters on all runs. Not bad for $9.99/month, though they do mention a price increase in January. Still, much cheaper than Wxbell and a few others.

They are having a holiday sale - $6.99/mo. I'm giving it a try.

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Happy Thanksgiving all. Not a bad day with mixed clouds and sun. Glad the rain holds off. May have to do an afternoon/evening fire pit with a few beverages before the rain tonight. 28 early this morning, already 43.

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As far as monthly departures for the Mount Holly forecast area PHL is the outliner being slightly below average for NOV while all the other official sites are solidly below average. That pales in comparison to Newark as they still check in at 1.0 degrees above average for Nov, beyond laughable.


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4 hours ago, Robnj88 said:

If I could change one thing about the weather in this area (besides more snow) - it would be less freaking WIND. Really great putting up Christmas lights in this crap 😬.  Rant over. 

That's why l did it two weeks ago 😉


It was 45 at sunrise this morning. Steady drop all day. Went out for a two mile walk with the dog and little guy and it was blustery

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10 hours ago, tombo82685 said:

@cbelke are you familiar with connecting davis station to wunderground? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I went into weatherlink, then into wunderground settings under file. Put my station ID in and the password. Hit test and it says success. Yet, not observations showing up

I remember it took a bit and a couple of reboots of the console to get things working on wunderground.  Make sure data is being sent to Weatherlink.com first, and then setup wunderground. I setup my Weatherlink account and upgraded to Pro+, also make sure your Weatherlink network says Public and not Private. Once you do that, then setup wunderground and it should give you the station ID and station key, THEN you have to go back into Weatherlink to share the data and put the Station ID and Station key into Weatherlink. Once all that is done, then is should take a few minutes for everything to upload.


Do you have the IP logger or the USB logger? What's your station ID?

Here is one of the more detailed setups I used, I found the Davis setups incomplete.  The wunderground setup is pretty easy. 


Private message me or give me a call if you need help. I'm around all weekend.


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