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Getting ready for a cool night.  Nice looking clouds.

25 this morning. Another beaut’

Spent the weekend up in Waterville along Pine Creek Gorge. Such beautiful country up there. Leonard Harrison SP was closed due to heavy rains washing out the road in, but the view from the other side

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SPC bumped to slight risk Philly N.  NWS mentions QLCS setup with non-zero risk of brief spinup.  Gusty winds biggest threat.   

High shear, modest helicity, weak CAPE (but more than was modeled yesterday, sunshine dependent).

CAM's favoring Lehigh Valley N but obs time. 

Does using 5 acronyms win me a prize?  

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Very breezy outside. It has that same feel you get in the middle of winter on those occasional mild mornings before the cold front comes through later in the day. Foreboding. 

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Noticed the breeze also, still a beautiful  mornings. I'm watching the leaves falling in earnest in the woods. Also noticed many birds flying about but much higher than I usually see, wonder if they're feeding on some type of insects.

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Well I guess we all learned from this summer that high-shear, low-CAPE events can produce, but I’m not too bullish on the tornado threat today. The convection to the west is progressing rapidly and looks like it will arrive fairly early in the day; I just can’t imagine we are going to build up much instability by then. 

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