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7/17 One, Two Punch Heavy Rain/Thunderstorm Obs

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Hi Frank @frankdp23 yes this is bad, training storms over us for three hours. At least two water rescues in Hunterdon County, one in Readington, the other in Franklin Twshp. I took advantage of a norm

As I mentioned early yesterday, I was going to be out most of the evening/night so didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to follow the action or watch it live, but I did get a nice taste of t

You know full well you'll be checking radar during communion

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Wild night at the Phillies game (man, our bullpen sucks). There was at least a little bit of cloud to ground lightning happening nearby for just about the entire game. That last storm was a doozy - it was cool to watch it @ the ballpark.  Encountered quite a bit of ponding/flooding on 76/42 once I got back into Jersey. 

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After looking at the radar before I went to bed, and hearing the thunder, I fully expected a deluge of rain to be happening. I fell asleep, woke up about 11:30 PM and checked the radar and the Philly area was getting dumped on. I got 0.26" for the entire day. Unbelievable how the storms were firing up overhead and then a few miles away they were dumping rain. 

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As I mentioned early yesterday, I was going to be out most of the evening/night so didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to follow the action or watch it live, but I did get a nice taste of things.


First, early in the day, an isolated storm went up to my north as I was riding my bike (first two images).


Just before heading to Mass at 5pm, Newtown was between the goalposts again, as storms cruised up on either side of town. When I came out of church, there wasn’t a drop of rain on the ground despite a storm having blown up to the north after it had passed by just west of Newtown.


Most of the action was to the north as we sat with friends eating dinner at Revere, on the NJ side of the river just across from Yardley. An unimpressive looking storm was headed our way though. I don’t think the SVR warning even got extended to cover our area (see third image, or second radar image).


But an hour later we final did get hit by a SVR-warned storm. I couldn’t help myself, I had to leave the table to go see what was happening, especially after the lights had gone out and came back on (torrential rain, first video).


Another half hour after that, we left the restaurant. The rain had stopped, and there was near continuous lightning on the back side of the storm (second video).


We went back to our friends’ house after dinner, knowing the main line would arrive in about 90 minutes. I checked radar just before leaving their house in Yardley for the 15 minute drive home, and saw that the edge of the line was just about to hit. My friend was going to walk his dog but I told him not to go anywhere. We ended up driving home in torrential rain but the heaviest was already just about over by the time we pulled into the driveway. I watched the again near-continuous lightning from the porch, and then when it stopped raining I went out into the driveway where I had a view not obstructed by the trees on the lawn. Saw some unusually bright flashes as well as some crawlers up in the backside anvil. It was about 11pm, if I didn’t need to get up early today I might have driven somewhere with a better vantage point, but it was still cool, especially sharing it with two of my kids.













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18 hours ago, SouthernNJ said:

Will be interested to see if something happened here near Jobstown and Springfield as this is a

pretty good signature for around here.

TPHL 10:30 PM:


A low-end EF1 occurred in this area, with a skipping 7.9 mile path.  The maximum width was listed at 800 yards, which is nearly a half mile.  It was a pretty big mesocyclone, so I guess that width was possible.

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On 7/17/2021 at 10:40 PM, colonel_kurtz said:

another question for the experts - what causes the worst of the lightning to occur after the heavy rain has passed, happening now & was the case with Monday storms in Bensalem

also noticed that before several times of the years

I’m no expert, and this isn’t even a why or how answer, but while storm chasing in the Plains I have observed that much of the cloud-to-cloud lightning occurs in the updraft and in the back-sheared anvil at the rear (generally southwest quadrant) of supercell storms (especially cool are the “anvil crawlers” that spread up and sideways along the underside of the anvil). If you are east of the storm, the rain in the forward flank may obscure your view of this, but it becomes visible on the back side after the storm has moved off to your east. Squall line and multicell structure is different so this may not be applicable in some of the storms around here, and in any case I can’t answer *why* there tends to be more lightning in that part of supercells, but at a minimum hopefully my reply raises your question back to the top of the posting activity and an actual expert can answer 🙃

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