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Ending June In The 90s Obs (6/28-6/30)


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Temp already up to 87.9 (99.9 H.I) in East Nantmeal while after a 9am high of 81.9 down the shore - the sea breezed kicked in and knocked temps down to the mid 70's - for sure it's the place to be




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23 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

Hitting the liriope pretty well. Just starting to see them walking across the greens 

They love my rose of sharons and coneflowers. They like (clustering on) my tall ornamental grasses too, but don't seem to eat them? Atleast not yet. Coneflowers they've been feasting on.

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4 hours ago, Rainshadow101 said:

If only they and lantern fly nymphs would do death cage matches in which they all would die a slow and painful death.

Used the snow blade on my tractor to scrape the cicada carcasses off the driveway yesterday - made for a nice pile along the edge.

Just a lovely time of year.    I get the sticky excretion from the lantern flies on the car topped with the sawdust from the ash borers.

Seems like every tree regardless of species is getting attacked by something.    Oaks, beeches, maples loaded with brown leaves in

this year's foliage.

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