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Banter, Banter, Banter The ACT Summer/Tropical Outlook, Banter, Banter, Banter


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My father in law's brother is traveling cross country. Looks like he found a great spot today (Yellowstone). Where's Heisy? He happened to be in the only spot in the whole country with falling snow today and he didn't even need my help finding it ;)





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What started as a comfortable cloudy day and then progressed to breezy and warmer, the A(l), C(harlie), T(ony) & T(ombo in spirito and dozens of texts) worked diligently (we sweated it out) to get this outlook right whether it is delectable or not.  Oh those lip outs.  Anyway here goes:

This is banter, anyone who will wage the house on it, instead just sell it at 40,000 over the asking price like everyone else is doing.

Number of 90 degree days at PHL for year.....38  (just imagine if there were not two pars on that hole).

Highest temperature at PHL this year.............101F

(Banter) Greatest Tropical Impact somewhere in Mount Holly CWA (including waters)....(Banter) Hurricane Force Gusts (Banter)

ACE Index For The Atlantic.....Above Normal (well we will get one right)

Drought Status:   Normal For Pennsylvania, D0 (abnormally dry) for New Jersey,  Your guess as good as ours for Delaware.

😜 Number Of Times Paul makes a post including Urban Heat Island in it:  268  ;) 




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