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Temps/Pcpn/Obs/Yawnable Weather Discussion

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I’m down in Virginia visiting Shenandoah National Park. Smoke restricted views somewhat on an otherwise sunny and comfortable day. 

I was lucky enough that the clouds cleared down here for about 10 minutes. Got some great shots right over the bay (this was only with my phone, didn't have anything fancier lol)

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On 6/18/2021 at 7:55 PM, Animal said:

Just got back from Phoenix.

airport hit 118 yesterday.

2.5 days in the desert was brutal.

local weather station near me hit 121f yesterday. 
was out in Death Valley a few years back and it hit 128 officially.

it’s rough out there..wow


I was in PHX back in the 80's and they shut Sky Harbor down when it hit 122 due to insufficient lift.    I hiked up Camelback Mtn in Phoenix like the dumbass kid/adult that I was, wondering why no one was on the trails.    Did Death Valley a couple times - one time it was 122 in the shade of the car at below sea level Badwater.   There is a massive air conditioner in the restaurant at Furnace Creek that was groaning when we went in.    The golf course at Furnace Creek provides a local humidity island when they irrigate.   Water is plentiful on a couple feet below the surface.    Pretty unbearable in July when it starts out at about 103 at sunrise.

In other news, I don't miss high 60's dewpoints after a some days last week with highs in the low/mid 60's, 30% humidity in the Great North Woods.

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Today was only our 3rd above normal day in the last 10 days in Chester County PA with our Hi/Lo splits at 83.2/62.7....while down the shore in beautiful Sea Isle City NJ a beautiful sea breeze high of only 78.8



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Some good clearing ahead of that convection over WV, whereas most of the day so far has been with some muddy high clouds. Really going to start cranking up the energy here now for the next few hours until the sun starts to really lower in the sky. This is going to be an interesting evening to keep tabs!


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