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Summer Outlook Contest...Tony Wood's Snow Book First Place Prize

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As of today it is @frankdp23 in the lead.  @Chubbs (has the tie breaker) is rooting for one more day, one day more.   P.S. How many more tor(s) can we get on Wednesday if Ida tracks thru the area?

Please let me know if I have any of this wrong. I did it on the fly this morning.

Good one. We are expecting a similar email after the winter snow contest

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52 minutes ago, Rainshadow23.0 said:

A missed day yesterday or a phew day yesterday. Looks close the next two again.

But for the smoke it could have been day 39?

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11 hours ago, Rainshadow23.0 said:

It wasn't the one one this year.  There was at least one or two more I thought back in July.

88F today at PHL.

Smoke has saved my bacon. But current batch on the way out today.


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4 minutes ago, Rainshadow23.0 said:

The 925s say 90F for PHL today.  You might have to try to hold that smoke in place.

Smoke is going to be thinner than last 2 days - my call is 89.4

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12 hours ago, Rainshadow23.0 said:

It would save me money on postage and handling.  I can just hand the book to him on the 25th. 

Ruling out that early October heat wave - several days in the low or even mid 90's?   It happened before, can't remember the year.

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